Shine a light on your business with an eye-catching sign.  We can custom design and install signage for your business, club or organisation

Using talented graphic designers and advanced technology and we can design and install unique, eye-catching text, pictorial and stylized signs to match your business brand and give you 24 hour visibility and advertising – a powerful call to action for your audience.   All our materials are of the highest quality, well suited to North Queensland’s harsh tropical conditions.

Turn your building into a billboard


You’ve invested in Billboard Advertising and it’s vital to get the right message across. 

Billboards capture attention.  Billboards are always working and strategically placed in high traffic locations.   We design, print, install and maintain eye-catching billboard signs that ensure your product or service is seen by a variety of customers, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

It’s a sign!…with your name on it


Turn your fleet of vehicles into effective, moving billboards, promoting your brand and business as they go about their daily travels.

Predator Signs are the go-to designers, manufacturers and installers of premium quality signage for your entire fleet.  Let us design creative brand and business identity that cost- effectively turns your entire fleet of vehicles, trucks and buses, into moving billboards.  Our expertise will ensure your brand image is consistent with your business image.  We only use premium materials and advanced technology to ensure your signage withstands North Queensland’s harsh tropical climate.  Be seen.  Everywhere you go.

Drive your business with vehicle signage


Employee and public safety is paramount.  We design and produce safety and clear direction OH&S signs for Government, Councils, Businesses, Sporting Groups and road management and any other application.

Predator Signs puts your safety first


Your trailer is an effective mobile advertisement for your business or service.

Tradesman’s trailers, food trucks, mobile dog wash….the applications are limitless.  Be seen 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year wherever you go.  Using only premium materials ensures your trailer signage stays fresh and vibrant year-round in our tropical North Queensland climate.

Hitch your business to a Predator Sign


Predator Signs can create and fit custom-designed signage for your truck and heavy machinery.

Whether you have a single truck or a fleet, turn your work vehicle into an effective mobile billboard.  Our experienced graphic designers can refresh your current signage or create a new design to ensure you company branding and services reach the widest audience.

Turn your truck or heavy vehicle into a mobile billboard