Logo design

First impressions are key. Your logo is your brand; your corporate identity. Logos and signs are often the first contact a customer has with your company or business and they say a lot about who you are. We offer custom logo design from a simple design to more complex illustrations. Our experienced graphic designers will work with you to design from scratch or rejuvenate your current logo to create the right first impression.

Your logo will come with a range of files for you to create any type of digital or print artwork.

Come in and see us, or give us a call to talk about how you want to develop your brand. Once your logo is created we can help you create exciting and unique designs for your building, vehicles and marketing material.

What makes a great logo?

If you’re wondering what it takes to have a great logo design, here’s our tips for getting it right!

Fonts: Your chosen font should match the image of your business – so you can go quirky if your business represents fun and exciting. Try to stay clear of well heavily use fonts that are a little dated – Comic Sans is an example. These tend to make your logo look home-made. Make sure if you want a script font, it can be easily and quickly read. Some words work well in script, others not – we will be able to guide you on font choice.

Colours: Choose colours that contrast well. Consider where you will be placing your logo. If you are placing your logo on fluoro shirts, it needs to stand out. Consider the level of detail – the more the detail, the less recognisable your logo will be on embroidery and displayed small. You will need a square and circle logo version for social media, so having an element you can pull out from the logo can work well.

Images: Logos are created as Vectors so it’s best to avoid photos and stick to drawn images. The reason for using a vector is that it’s infinitely scalable without losing clarity, so when you print huge banners and signs, your logo will be crisp and clear.

Styling: Styling is up to you, whether you want simple and clean logo or more complex illustration style is your choice and what you feel represents your business.  There is no right or wrong. It’s your brand. It’s your logo design.